Mum throws ‘out of this world’ adults-only Harry Potter sleepover for her pals

Mum throws ‘out of this world’ adults-only Harry Potter sleepover for her pals


Tired of watching the little ones have fun at slumber parties and keen for a break from their kids, one group of friends from New Zealand decided to throw an epic adults-only sleepover.

As the six women all shared an obsession with the wizarding world of Harry Potter, they decided to take inspiration from J.K. Rowling's books for their big night of fun.

Maria Foy, one of the attendees, revealed details of the magical party in a post on her Facebook page, Happy Mum Happy Child.

She also shared a look at some photos of the set up, which have garnered thousands of comments from jealous Potterheads who didn't get an invite.

Maria, 37, said: "Last night, my girlfriends and I had our OWN Harry Potter-themed sleepover; FOR ADULTS.

"The team at Just Hitched Ltd set it all up and it was legit out of this world.

"Lisa made a huge platter and personalised glasses… so we had food, wine, Cards Against Muggles, Harry Potter Uno and lots of laughs. "

She adds: "Laughing is good for the soul."

The party photos show six individual teepees set up in a living room, topped with house flags and made up with Hogwarts bedding.

There was also an assortment of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw cushions, giant Harry Potter and Hedwig plush toys, themed wine glasses, handmade bunting, Harry Potter's suitcase plus a lightbox and lanterns.

All of this was part of the Just Hitched party package, where prices start from $220 (£118) and go up depending on the number of people.

More than 15,000 people shared their thoughts on the party – with many left desperate to throw their own.

One person commented: "So jealous! I want this… and I don't care that I'm forty something without kids – Harry Potter is my all time favourite series."

Another posted: "I plan on doing something like this next year for my 30th!!! Looks amazing."

A third wrote: "Wow this is beyond cool."

"This looks like so much fun, good for you," added someone else.

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