Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Make Major Changes to Their PR Staff Before His Memoir Is Published

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Make Major Changes to Their PR Staff Before His Memoir Is Published


It’s been a major season of change for the royal family, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made some decisions that will impact their work life. The couple has decided to let go of their high-powered PR firm, Sunshine Sachs, which guided their exit from their senior royal roles to private citizens in the US.

Not only will this be a cost-saving measure for the Sussexes, but they are also entrusting their personal PR to someone who knows them very well. According to the Daily Mail, they’ve promoted Christine Weil Schirmer, who is an “in-house” hire since she’s been working with the couple since 2020 in various roles for their Archewell foundation. Schirmer will have plenty of tasks to tend to right away as Prince Harry’s memoir launches in 2023 (it’s apparently postponed in the wake of Queen Elizabeth’s passing), in addition to Meghan’s Spotify podcast and their upcoming Netflix docuseries.

The parting of ways with Sunshine Sachs was reportedly an amicable one with all parties working together to make sure every detail was handled to ensure a smooth transition. “This is a really big deal for Meghan,” a source told Richard Eden at the Daily Mail. “She takes the view that she doesn’t need to pay an outside firm a lot of money to do PR for her and Harry anymore.” Another insider praised Schirmer for not only being the “real deal,” but for also being “one of the best and smartest there is” in the communications industry — it sounds like the couple is in great hands.

The real test for the Sussexes and Schirmer will be Harry’s memoir because it will surely ruffle a few feathers, including the UK press who is relentless in their criticism of the couple. That’s when all three of them will truly know whether this was a smart, and strategic decision.

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