MANHART Builds One-Off BMW M5 CS-Based MH5 GTR With 788 HP

MANHART Builds One-Off BMW M5 CS-Based MH5 GTR With 788 HP


If BMW releases a new model, rest assured that the tuning company MANHART will get its hands all over it at some point. This is the one-off MANHART MH5 GTR, a four-door supercar-slaying saloon that’s based on the already impressive M5 CS (Competition Sport).

The M5 CS takes the standard M5 to new heights, reducing weight by 70kg thanks to BMW’s extensive use of carbon fiber inside and out. A 4.4-liter bi-turbo V8 engine also produces more power (635 HP to be exact), but as per usual, this is not enough for MANHART.

As a result, the MH5 GTR now features an MHtronik powerbox and a MANHART carbon air intake which ups the power to 788 HP and 935 Nm of torque. In stock M5 CS-spec, the car launches to 62 MPH in just three seconds, and we suspect this time has been slashed considerably thanks to the boost in power.

This power is put to the tarmac via forged MANHART “Classic Line” Y-spoke alloy wheels that measure 9×21 inches at the front and 10.5×21 inches at the rear, which sit tucked under the arches thanks to a new set of coil springs. Elsewhere, we find a “Moonlight” wrap that gives the car a shimmery, silky dark blue aesthetic, window branding, new badges, and plenty of carbon fiber, which is predominantly seen at the rear.

Here, you’ll find a lip spoiler and a carbon diffuser, with the latter housing a quad set-up of 102mm tailpipes that can be ceramic coated or made from carbon fiber as well.

Unlike other MANHART models, this MH5 GTR is a one-off. It will be on show from September 7 to September 12 at the IAA Mobility 2021 show in Munich.

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