Man pops the question to his girlfriend in the sweetest possible way

Man pops the question to his girlfriend in the sweetest possible way


When you've been in a relationship for a while, you might make the decision to propose to your partner.

But how you go about asking that important question is kind of a big deal.

Some people choose to randomly blurt the words out in the heat of the moment, others spend a lot of time creating the perfect memory for their other half to cherish.

One such man who falls into the latter category is Joel Booth, a dentist from Kalispell, Montana who recently asked his girlfriend Kadie Latimer to marry him in the cutest possible way.

The 30-year-old spent months coming up with an idea for how to propose and eventually he got it – he would ask his girlfriend of three years to become his wife, with a little help from a furry new friend.

Joel decided to propose earlier this month with a tiny golden retriever puppy.

After setting up an elaborate ruse to throw Kadie off his trail (she thought she was doing some modelling work, really it was just a distraction), he got down on one knee at Bowman Lake in Montana's Glacier National Park.

And the photographers from the faux photoshoot were really there to capture the beautiful moment.

When she spotted her boyfriend at the lake with a puppy, it's fair to say Kadie, 28, was baffled.

"When I first turned around I was very surprised to see him holding a puppy – my first question was whose it was," she recalls.

"When he replied 'This is our dog', I didn't believe him, especially with Joel being such a joker.

"I asked if he got a dog and he said that it was our new dog and then handed her over to me."

She continued: "I looked at her name tag and it said 'Kadie', and I initially thought he'd named the dog after me – but I looked closer and underneath it said 'will you marry me?'

"My first reaction was to ask if he was joking, but then he got down on one knee and I knew it was for real.

"Everything was overwhelming in the best possible way."

Joel adds: "Kadie is special to me and I wanted to do something special for her that she wouldn't forget.

"I have had a male golden retriever for three years called Jackson, so it's just been the boys for a while.

"I knew I was going to propose sometime in the summer and had been mulling over the idea of getting another dog, so once I knew I was getting the dog I figured that would be a good time to propose.

"I reached out to the photographers to see if they would ask us to do a couples photoshoot, kind of stage a fake reason to take pictures, and they really came through.

"Kadie didn't know it was all a set-up – I had made it a couple of months with this plan and she hadn't caught on."

The pair have since decided to name their new pet Bowie – after the romantic spot where they got engaged.

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