Logan Paul Claims Floyd Mayweather Has Not Paid Him for Their Fight

Logan Paul Claims Floyd Mayweather Has Not Paid Him for Their Fight


YouTube turned professional fighter Logan Paul has made yet another claim on Twitter, this time dredging up the past and claiming that Floyd Mayweather has yet to pay him. Back in June 2021, the two fought in an unsanctioned exhibition bout that went to eight disappointing rounds that ended in neither a knockdown nor a knockout.

Paul recently took to Twitter to repost a headline that read, “Floyd Mayweather earned so much from Logan Paul fight he could buy Jeff Bezos’ jet.” He then responded by publically calling out Mayweather, “Yeah because the dirty little rat hasn’t paid me yet lol,” Paul captioned the screenshot. “It’s been 6 months. but no worries @Floydmayweather, @KSI and I are going to make back the money you stole from me & more. January 4.” Just last week, Paul also posted in a now-deleted Instagram story, “Pay me my money you f***ing corny weasel of a human,” on a photoshopped photo of Mayweather on holiday in Russia.”

Last November, Mayweather spoke about the fight against Paul and claimed that had the fight been real, he could have easily beat him. He said at the time, “People have gotta know, there’s a difference between a real fight and an exhibition. I did an exhibition with the YouTuber Logan Paul. We had fun. All I did was work out from time to time. If it was a real fight, it would’ve been a blowout in the first round.”

Mayweather has not responded to Paul’s claims about not being paid for the fight.

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