Laverne Cox Looks Sensational in This Black Bikini That Shows Off Her Toned Legs & Incredible Curves

Laverne Cox Looks Sensational in This Black Bikini That Shows Off Her Toned Legs & Incredible Curves


There’s no denying that Laverne Cox is a confident goddess, and these new bikini videos further prove that fact.

On Nov 3, Cox shared a show-stopping video of her gorgeous curves and head-turning, confident poses. The Orange is the New Black alum posted the video of her living her best life on vacation with the caption, “I feel like I haven’t been this relaxed in years. This vacay I’ve quieted my mind in a way I haven’t been able to do since pre-pandemic. Praying to take this into every aspect of my life post vacay a day at a time, a moment at a time. #vacay #renewal #quietingthemind #TransIsBeautiful.”

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In the video, we see Cox showing off her curves in a strappy black bikini, as she poses next to the calming blue ocean waves, followed by her sexily throwing her curls back and showing off her toned body on a beach chair.

And this video wasn’t the only one the Rocky Horror Picture Show star uploaded to her Instagram.

Earlier in the week, she not only shared her love for her body, but also for Taylor Swift (specifically her new album Midnights!) With Swift’s song “Anti-Hero” playing in the background, we see Cox in a gold and black bikini, dancing in the ocean with the caption, “It’s not me!! I am not the problem!!!! It’s not me!!! Darn it!!! #denial.”

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Cox recently talked about how she stays so confident, revealing in a past interview, “It’s still one of my biggest challenges, getting out of my own way. And when I think about what that means every single day of my life, it starts with my thoughts, what I tell myself about myself, and slowing myself down — and being really clear about what my thoughts are.”

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