Lamborghini Taps IKEUCHI for Cyberpunk Huracán STO "Time Chaser 111100"

Lamborghini Taps IKEUCHI for Cyberpunk Huracán STO "Time Chaser 111100"


Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the automaker, Lamborghini partners with contemporary artist IKEUCHI for a custom Lamborghini Huracán STO “Time Chaser_111100” and a Time Gazer interactive art piece as part of its “Chasing the Future” initiative.

Having recently worked with Balenciaga for its Spring 2022 campaign and Medicom Toy for a [email protected] figure, designer and artist Ikeuchi Hiroto is best known for his futuristic mechanical display pieces inspired by classic sci-fi series such as Star Wars and Gundam.

The Lamborghini Huracán STO Time Chaser_111100 is reminiscent of an advanced mecha featuring cyberpunk decals and a white, silver, and black color scheme with carbon fiber accents. The most definitive element of the supercar is a transparent unit mounted on the engine cover reminiscent of a supercomputer. IKEUCHI’s Time Gazer art piece resembles an ultra-advanced simulator or controller, incorporating a number of state-of-the-art computer pieces combined with premium automotive elements from Lamborghini. Both creations look to explore the concepts of time and timelessness through Lamborghinis’s ever-evolving technology and IKEUCHI’s cybernetics influence.

“We are very pleased to enshrine such a valuable collaboration with IKEUCHI who represents the future of Japan,” says Davide Sfrecola, Head of Japan Automobili Lamborghini, “From broken motherboards, plastic to electrical wiring intricately molded together to establish a cyberpunk apocalyptic aesthetic, he amplifies and investigates the connection and relationship between humans and technology in a country so rich in millennia-old traditions and contemporary culture.”

Take a closer look at the IKEUCHI x Lamborghini collaboration below.

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