Klay Thompson Talks Returning to the NBA, Announcing He Is "Going To Bounce Back"

Klay Thompson Talks Returning to the NBA, Announcing He Is "Going To Bounce Back"


The Golden State Warriors have sorely missed the presence of their sharpshooter, Klay Thompson, in the past two NBA seasons. The franchise has struggled to return to its championship days without Thompson on the court. It has evidently been a huge loss to the Warriors who have been unable to stay at the top of the league.

After two years, Warriors fans can now rejoice at Thompson’s return. He is expected to play for the 2021-2022 season, reuniting the Splash Brothers, once again. Though there is a concern of whether or not Thompsons will be at his best when he returns and whether or not he will adjust well after missing back-to-back seasons due to injuries, Thompson took to his Instagram Story to reassure fans of his return. He said, “Yeah, I’m balling out this season. By the grace of God I will be balling. Injuries are no fun, but it’s a part of sports. What can you do? …All you can do is keep moving forward for real…I’m going to bounce back, that’s a fact. I guarantee that.”

It remains to be seen how well Thomspon gels with his team and if he will find his groove with Steph Curry. He will also be playing again with Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman and Andre Igoudala, who has recently confirmed he will be returning to the Warriors.

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