Kim Cattrall Was Often Left Feeling Vulnerable When Shooting Her Intimate Love Scenes on 'Sex and the City'

Kim Cattrall Was Often Left Feeling Vulnerable When Shooting Her Intimate Love Scenes on 'Sex and the City'


While fans continue to long for Kim Cattrall on And Just Like That…, the 65-year-old actress has happily moved on. Since her days as the sex-positive Samantha Jones on the HBO series, she has noticed a stark difference in how love scenes are filmed on set.

In Queer as Folk, one of two new shows she’s on this year (the other is How I Met Your Father), Cattrall shot her “first nonbinary love scene.” Instead of feeling naked and vulnerable like she did on the set of Sex and the City with her many bedroom scenes, there was an intimacy coordinator to protect her and the other actor. “And for the first time in my career, I was introduced to someone who had the position on a set that I had no idea what they did — her heading was ‘intimacy coach.’ I thought, ‘Excuse me?!?’ I never had an intimacy coach,” she revealed to Variety. Calling the experience “fantastic,” she noted it was a world of difference from “the wardrobe department holding a housecoat for you when they said cut or putting a towel over you” on her former HBO show.

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“They had this person there who’d say: “OK, stop! We need this protected there.” It was like a fairy godmother,” she said. Cattrall wished she had more protection in the past, but SAG-AFTRA, the TV and film union for actors, didn’t introduce the on-set role until 2019. It was a position that came out of the #MeToo movement to help prevent sexual harassment and create a safe space for actors when they filmed nude scenes. It’s a 180-degree pivot from the Sex and the City for Cattrall. “The most I ever got was for [costume designer] Pat Field to make this — she called it a “K.C. Cup” [“Kim Cattrall Cup”] that would cover, like a jockstrap, both actors if the scene required it,” she explained.

While Cattrall is protective of Samantha, she is definitely not returning to the show — like ever. And there was always one requirement to portraying the character to its fullest — nudity. “I don’t want to be nude anymore,” she summed up. “I’m 65. I’m in great shape. But I’m just not interested. I feel like I filled my quota on that one — and without an intimacy coach.”

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