Kandis Williams Releases 11-Color Screenprint Based off Her Film ‘Triadic Ballet’

Kandis Williams Releases 11-Color Screenprint Based off Her Film ‘Triadic Ballet’


Kandis Williams is a writer and multi-disciplinary artist whose practice investigates issues tied to race, authority and eroticism. Following her latest exhibition, “A Line” at David Zwirner New York, Williams worked with the gallery’s 52 Walker outpost and screenprinting studio, Du-Good Press on an 11-color print, titled Triadic Ballet still, 2021.

Inspired by her most recent film, Triadic Ballet (2021), the work alludes to four historical dances of varying sorts. The first speaks on dance as a ritual for healing and entertainment, while the second metaphorically ruminates on the “dance of death,” which references the way in which societies have been formed. Courtly dances, from ballet to more modern manifestations are the third iteration and lastly, the artist emphasizes the intellectual underpinnings of contemporary dance movements today.

The film takes its title from Oskar Schlemmer’s 1922 Triadisches Ballett (Triadic Ballet), in which soloist Natasha Diamond-Walker rhythmically interjects each of these four layers to ruminate on social bodies in relation to the built environment and each other.

The screenprint furthers this dialogue by freeze-framing each of the vibrant juxtaposed figures on Ebony Colorplan paper. As an edition of 38, Triadic Ballet still, 2021 is currently available for $2,000 USD. Please visit David Zwirner for more information on how to purchase.

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