July 2019 Coach of the Month: Juan Campuzano

July 2019 Coach of the Month: Juan Campuzano


Juan Campuzano coaches the Revolution Diving Club, and brings a fun and professional environment to practice and competition every time he arrives at the pool.

He views each day as an opportunity to pass knowledge along to the next generation.

“I think this is the best reward for me,” Campuzano said at practice at Pan Am Pool.

Diving can be an intimidating sport for many. But Campuzano said he loves the chance to help his athletes believe in themselves.

“You have to be confident, you have to trust in yourself, and get over the fear, and diving is a really good example to do that.”

Campuzano’s athletes can feel their confidence rising, with some of his athletes qualifying for the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games, the 2019 Diving Canada Elite Nationals and the 2019 Diving Canada Development Nationals.

“Juan taught me lots of new dives. He’s a really nice coach, he’s helped me become stronger mentally and physically,” Revolution Diving Club athlete Zita Brnatsky said.

It’s part of a special bond that Juan shares with his athletes as he encourages them to try their best every time they step on the board.

“Instead of just having him as my coach, he became my friend and he helped me learn how to be a great diver,” Revolution Diving Club athlete Sasha Scholl said.

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