Juliette Cassidy Takes Photography to the Next Level with Xiaomi

Juliette Cassidy Takes Photography to the Next Level with Xiaomi


After exploring the relationship between creativity and technology with Sunni Colón, Xiaomi enlists photographer Juliette Cassidy for the latest episode of its visual project celebrating creators from various disciplines spanning music, photography and design.

HYPEBEAST teamed up with the tech brand to follow Cassidy on her daily journey, as she uses her new Xiaomi 12 Pro to capture her surroundings and gather inspiration for future studio shoots.

Having studied in Boston before settling in London, the Spanish photographer uses her experiences to develop her visual style, “I had a very classic aesthetic. For a long time I was only interested in black and white photography,” she explains. With every shot comes growth, and the ability to tell a story through a still image is an art form Cassidy continues to explore as she breaks down, “An exceptional photograph is one that contains the classic visual features of photography but also it lets the observer peel the many layers it may contain.”

Not one for descriptive words, she opts for visuals to tell her narrative, “A photograph is the perfect medium for me to convey my perceptions of the world we live in.” Whether polished and refined or bleak and broken, Cassidy finds beauty in the smallest everyday subjects to shoot, “I’m not denying the conflict, but I’m aware of it. I show that there’s a reality beyond that conflict,” she says.

Watch the video with Juliette Cassidy above. For more information, or to shop the new Xiaomi 12 Series smartphones, visit the brand’s website.
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