It’s all about passionate new beginnings in episode 5 of And Just Like That…

It’s all about passionate new beginnings in episode 5 of And Just Like That…


Warning: this story contains spoilers from the fifth episode of the Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That.

It’s the weird blurry space between Christmas and new year, and somehow, we’re already at the halfway point of HBO Max’s revival of Sex And The City. But though our days may be filled with leftover chocolate and continuing restrictions, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte’s world is mercifully as colourful as ever.

In the fourth episode of And Just Like That, things got very real. Carrie moved back to her old apartment, dressed up like it was 1998 and started to reinvent herself. She decided to sell the apartment she shared with Big, enlisting the help of high-flying real estate agent Seema. Together, they bonded over cocktails, argued over sushi, and kindled a brand new friendship. 

Meanwhile, Charlotte threw everything bar the kitchen sink at becoming “real friends” with Lisa Todd Wexley, while worrying that her friendship circle isn’t diverse. When she and Harry attended a dinner party at LTW’s house, they discovered they were the only white couple in attendance. Charlotte then went full-on Miranda with an uncomfortable faux pas – but fortunately, it actually brought Charlotte and LTW closer together.

Elsewhere, Miranda bonded with her law professor, Dr. Nya Wallace, who confided in Miranda about her IVF treatments and complicated feelings around the fact that she hasn’t got pregnant. They had a heart-to-heart about the realities of motherhood, and Miranda admitted that sometimes, she’d actually like a powerful job and to come home to an empty house.

Aside from beautiful friendships, there were shock break-ups. At the end of the episode, Carrie discovered a note from Stanford at her apartment explaining that he’d moved away to Tokyo to accompany a new client on tour. Sadly, Anthony also revealed that Stanford wants a divorce. 

Something tells us that things are only about to get more dramatic, though. And so, without further ado, let’s get into episode five – Tragically Hip – and be sure to check back every week for the latest recap of And Just Like That.

And Just Like That: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

1. We’re at Carrie’s old apartment, where she’s invited Seema over purely on a friendship basis. Carrie’s grabbed an umbrella to get the stairs and Seema’s asked her, understandably, what the hell she’s doing. 

2. Carrie tells Seema that she been doing some research, and the internet tells her that she has “old lady back”. Seema’s got a response for that, too. “The internet is for perverts,” she says briskly.

3. Seema’s booked Carrie in to see her orthopaedist, who swiftly tells Carrie that the problem isn’t her back but her hip – who knew? Apparently she has an undiagnosed congenital birth defect, and she’s going to need surgery.

4. We’re at brunch with Anthony and the girls, who are teasing Carrie about being an old lady. Anthony wins: “We are thrilled that you found an archaeologist to saw your old carcass open and try to put those sanded down fossils inside you back together!”

5. Charlotte’s got an excel spreadsheet and she’s not afraid to use it. It’s a care rota, apparently, for all of Carrie’s post-surgery needs.

And Just Like That: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes

6. Charlotte’s on a Zoom call with her PTA and one of the mothers has just said how funny Rock was in the school play. Charlotte is mystified – did she miss a new kid?

7. LTW immediately wraps up the meeting and calls Charlotte to tell her that Rose is now going by the name Rock. Naturally, Charlotte calls an emergency family meeting and asks Rose for clarification, who tells her that she’s already announced it in a TikTok, duh.

8. Brady’s girlfriend Louisa finds Miranda opening Amazon packages at night. One of them is strawberry-flavoured lube, because apparently her teenage son is still at it.

9. Oh, there’s also a book on quitting drinking. Miranda immediately shoves it back in the box denying that she bought it.

10. We’re at the doctor’s surgery where Carrie’s arrived to check in for her surgery. She’s wearing Birkenstocks with socks, and it just feels plain wrong, frankly, that she isn’t in heels.

11. Miranda’s outraged that Charlotte had the nerve to send her a book on quitting drinking. She didn’t even consult her, she tells Carrie. “She just Amazoned me!”

12. “What I need to do,” Miranda continues, “is send her a book: how to get the stick out of your ass, like a woman!”

And Just Like That: Kristin Davis as Charlotte

13. We’re now at Carrie’s hospital bedside where she’s recovering from her operation. Carrie announces that she needs to pee urgently and that there’s no time to call the nurse. Panic stations!

14. Che’s now calling Carrie, but she can’t come to the phone right now – Charlotte’s carrying her to the loo. 

15. Miranda’s on it. ‘It’s Rambo,” she says with a nervous smile. Che wants to come up and see Carrie, but Carrie doesn’t want any more visitors, which is understandable as she’s on the loo with her pants around her ankles.

16. Miranda’s now having lunch in the hospital canteen. Che’s being unusually vulnerable and telling Miranda about the fear and shame they once had around their identity.

17. Miranda’s matching the honesty by… telling Che about quitting her law firm? It definitely feels like she wants to say more.

18. Anthony’s rolled up to Carrie’s apartment block in his Hot Fellas van. There’s “precious cargo” in the back: Carrie and Charlotte, who are tucking into baguettes.

And Just Like That: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

19. Omg, Anthony’s enlisted an actual Hot Fella to carry Carrie upstairs to her apartment. 

20. Carrie’s back at her laptop at the window wearing an enormous My Fair Lady-esque hat.

21. Turns out she’s doing the podcast from home. She’s now telling the listeners the anecdote about Samantha Jones retrieving the stuck diaphragm!

22. Charlotte’s now asking Carrie if she thinks SJ would mind her telling that story and mentioning her full name on air. “She’s off in London,” Carrie says airily, as if news doesn’t travel. Charlotte’s recommending that Carrie tells SJ about it, in case someone beats her to it. Smart.

23. Che’s at the buzzer hoping to see Carrie, and once again, Miranda’s there to take the call. Che wants to come up to the apartment and give Carrie some gifts, but Carrie’s napping.

24. Miranda’s said they can come up and is now sprinting to the bathroom mirror to fuss over her appearance. She opens the door to Che who immediately looks her up and down.

25. Che’s brought a bottle of tequila for Carrie, which isn’t any use because she’s asleep. “You could ask me,” says Miranda flirtily. We all know how this one ends…

And Just Like That: Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes

26. Che and Miranda are now doing shots in the kitchen and they’ve woken Carrie from her slumber. Che says they need to dash off to a gig and Miranda looks like a kid who’s just been told Christmas is cancelled. 

27. Miranda’s now telling Che that if they weren’t in such a hurry to leave, she’d ask them to shotgun her again. Che is only too happy to oblige.

28. It’s happening! Che is kissing Miranda’s neck and telling her that if she doesn’t like it to tell them to stop. Miranda definitely doesn’t want it to stop. 

29. Nightmare, Carrie needs to pee! But Miranda is otherwise engaged AND to make matters worse, she can see Che and Miranda making out in the mirror.

30. Carrie’s trying to slowly ease herself out of bed. Miranda and Che are now having sex in the kitchen.

31. Miranda’s screaming in ecstasy and Carrie’s weeing in a peach schnapps bottle. Carrie was right: when it comes to friends, there really are no boundaries.

And Just Like That: Carrie with her colleagues at the podcast studio

32. Miranda’s now telling Che that “that was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life”.

33. Now they’re having a passionate kiss. Che’s trying to play it cool. “DM me if you wanna chill again soon, OK?”

34. Oh no, the wee bottle has spilled all over Carrie’s bedsheets.

35. Miranda’s staggered through to Carrie’s bathroom where she’s staring at her reflection like she’s a changed woman. Now she’s sitting on the toilet and Carrie’s yelled at her to close the door. 

36. Miranda is stunned that Carrie’s awake. Um, Miranda, she heard the whole thing!

37. Carrie’s confronted Miranda and asked her what’s going on. Miranda’s admitted that she feels unhappy and trapped. There’s more: she hates her marriage and her life. Carrie’s asking her how long she’s felt like this. “Since forever,” she says.

38. Carrie’s now brought up Miranda’s drinking. Miranda tells Carrie that if she had a problem, she’d quit immediately. The thing with Che, though, she continues, is a different story. She’s “never felt like that, in [her] life.”

And Just Like That: Sara Ramirez as Che Diaz and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes

39. Carrie’s texting Samantha to let her know about the diaphragm story. SJ replies – immediately! – telling Carrie that it was “one of my finest hours”. Carrie replies that she hopes it’s OK that she told the story. SJ replies in signature style.“Of course. I love that your vagina is getting air time.”

40. Carrie is now telling SJ she misses her. Uh oh. SJ has stopped typing.

41. We’re in Miranda’s kitchen where she’s giggling along to Che’s podcast and making herself a drink. A notification has just popped up from Amazon asking her review the purchase of her book – it turns out that she did, in fact, purchase it. It’s all hit home. 

42. Miranda is pouring all her alcohol down the kitchen sink.

43. Charlotte is accompanying Carrie to physical therapy. She tells Carrie about the situation with Rock, who reassures her that it’ll all work out fine because Rock is an amazing kid.

44. Carrie’s physical therapist, Travis, has just walked through, and he looks like a model. Carrie’s googly-eyed, of course, and it gets even better for her when he tells her that he’s going to start with a massage. 

45. Carrie’s now telling the receptionist that she only wants therapy sessions with Travis from here on out, and she’ll pay extra for the privilege.

46. And just like that, three months later, Carrie’s back in a pair of sparkly heels!

The first five episodes of And Just Like That are available to watch now on Sky and NowTV. 

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