If You Suffered Through 17 Out Of 32 Of These Things, You’re Definitely A Millennial

If You Suffered Through 17 Out Of 32 Of These Things, You’re Definitely A Millennial

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    Spent way, way too long flipping through a CD book looking for the perfect mix to playVia Twitter: @iAmPoeticSoul

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    And tried to play a CD only to find out it looked like thisVia instructables.com

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    Carried both a cellphone and a iPod at the same dang timeVia Twitter: @beckyyaworski

    Via Twitter: @hwvrd

    Accidentally hit the internet button on your flip phone and been terrified you’d get chargedVia Twitter: @hwvrd

    Via Twitter: @PhoneLasso

    Said these exact wordsVia Twitter: @PhoneLasso

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    Had a download’s estimated time left jump to, like, 7 days and saw your entire life flash before your eyesVia mensxp.com

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    Printed out directions like a dang barbarianVia Twitter: @AshLIGHTnin

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    Or worse – been forced to go inside a gas station to ask for directionsVia Getty

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    Waited a week for your pictures to develop only to see them all come out like thisVia photobucket.com

    Via jestineyong.com

    Spent hours burning a CD only to have this message show up when you tried to play itVia jestineyong.com

    Via Twitter: @nickkpisano

    Watched ONE movie on TWO VHSVia Twitter: @nickkpisano

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    Had your favorite VHS come out of the player looking like thisVia Getty

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    Had to cover your eyes while rewinding a VHS so you didn’t spoil anythingVia Getty

    Via Twitter: @90sdecade

    Seen this message after sending, like, 12 messages on your flip phoneVia Twitter: @90sdecade

    Via reddit.com

    Karate chopped your ankle with a scooterVia reddit.com

    Via Twitter: @TheOldManClub

    Looked up movie times in a paperVia Twitter: @TheOldManClub

    Via Twitter: @TheOldManClub

    Had to get off the internet so someone could use the phoneVia Twitter: @TheOldManClub

    Via Twitter: @ThreeUK

    Spent, like, 10 minutes typing out a message like this on T9Via Twitter: @ThreeUK

    Via Twitter: @OriginInsider

    Had to put the TV on channel 3 in order to watch movies or play gamesVia Twitter: @OriginInsider

    Via reddit.com

    Waited 15 minutes just to find out what was on TVVia reddit.com

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    Had to keep a handwritten list of numbers in a drawer to remember everyone’s digitsVia Twitter

    Via Twitter: @BreakThruRadio

    Nearly threw your arm out rolling a window down with one of theseVia Twitter: @BreakThruRadio

    Via Twitter: @CoolBeans0_o

    Had to restart your computer because it looked like thisVia Twitter: @CoolBeans0_o

    Via reddit.com

    Experienced the sinking feeling of finding the perfect movie or game at Blockbuster only to find out there was no copy behind the boxVia reddit.com

    Via Twitter: @GuyCodes

    Used a plug-in light just so you could play games in the darkVia Twitter: @GuyCodes

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    Had someone tape over your favorite show you recorded on a VHSVia instagram.com

    Via reddit.com

    Had to physically clean the ball inside a mouseVia reddit.com

    Via Twitter: @juliiaa27

    Waited days just so you could watch old school NetflixVia Twitter: @juliiaa27

    Via Twitter: @montanaHJ

    Clicked through something like this 18 times just to find one songVia Twitter: @montanaHJ

    Via Twitter: @legendslyf

    Had to navigate a menu like this just to find the program you wanted to startVia Twitter: @legendslyf

    Via programmer.downloadcentral.dk

    Spent hours waiting for one song to download only to lose internet connectionVia programmer.downloadcentral.dk

    Via gnarly.tumblr.com

    Sat on the toilet with nothing to read but a shampoo bottleVia gnarly.tumblr.com

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