Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant Prepares Nigiri With a Soldering Iron

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant Prepares Nigiri With a Soldering Iron


A sushi restaurant in Hokkaido is receiving a lot of attention after a video of how it prepares its sushi went viral online.

At Ninokura, a sister location of celebrated restaurant Sushi no Kura in Sapporo, Hokkaido, raw fish is seared with a soldering iron to impart flavor and create texture. Apparently, the device commonly used for installation, repairs, and limited production work provides greater temperature and direction control than a traditional kitchen heat source.

But the now-viral clip has garnered a plethora of comments questioning the safety of using a soldering iron on food, noting that it could be made from lead. In response to the health and safety concerns, Ninokura issued a statement on its official Facebook account reassuring customers and those that have seen the video that the device they used came with an iron tip but they replaced it with a stainless steel tip as an added safety precaution.

Check out how Ninokura prepares its nigiri sushi with a soldering iron below.

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