Gwen Stefani Kissed Blake Shelton's Cheek on a Cooking Date & the Video Is Too Cute

Gwen Stefani Kissed Blake Shelton's Cheek on a Cooking Date & the Video Is Too Cute


There’s no doubt that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are one of the cutest couples around. Now, you can watch the two’s cuteness in a video of Gwen Stefani kissing Blake Shelton on the cheek while cooking. The Instagram story, initially published to Stefani’s account and then shared via a Blake and Gwen account, shows the two on an average night, cooking together in the kitchen. “The deal is this.. just doing a little Italian [food],” Stefani said before giving fans a look at her kitchen and her delicious food spread. As she turned to show fans another part of her kitchen, Shelton came into frame for a hot second, where Stefani gave him a peck on the cheek as he looks at the camera. Watch the video here.

This was one of two videos the two shared that day. The second clip was of Shelton singing in the recording studio with the No Doubt performer, which he captioned”Babe of the earth.” The couple has been vocal about their attraction for each other. Recently,  Shelton admitted that he couldn’t be too sad over Adam Levine’s The Voice departure, with his girlfriend, Stefani, replacing him. “[Gwen’s] way better looking than he is, in my opinion,” Shelton told People. Speculation is still swirling overwhether the two will be engaged soon, with Shelton telling People that “obviously” their relationship will “lead somewhere.” The question is when that’s going to happen.

Engaged or not, Shelton and Stefani are utterly adorable. In a landscape where people are regularly squabbling it’s great to see a couple share their love so openly and authentically. These two are relationship goals, for sure.

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