‘Great British Baking Show’ Judge Prue Leith Is Among First In UK To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

‘Great British Baking Show’ Judge Prue Leith Is Among First In UK To Get COVID-19 Vaccine


Prue Leith has revealed she’s one of the first wave of people in England to receive the vaccine against the coronavirus.

On Tuesday morning, the judge for the “Great British Baking Show” (called “Great British Bake Off” in the U.K.) shared a photo of herself getting the COVID-19 vaccine (in one of her signature statement necklaces, obviously) on her Twitter page.

Who wouldn’t want immunity from #Covid19 with a painless jab??” the 80-year-old commented.

While lockdown restrictions led to major disruptions in the TV industry this year, Leith was able to take part in this year’s show by bubbling with the rest of the cast and crew.

She’s also set to appear in this year’s Christmas special, along with fellow judge Paul Hollywood and presenters Tom Allen and Matt Lucas.

The long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine arrived in doctors’ offices across England on Monday, with those most at risk receiving top priority when it comes to eligibility for the shot.

Doctors’ offices in more than 100 locations are to receive the shot, with each of them receiving 975 vaccines in their initial delivery.

Under the government’s rollout plan, those 80 years of age and over are first in line for the vaccine.

Two shots are needed for the recipient to gain immunity from COVID-19, with an interval of three weeks required between injections.

While Leith is the first high-profile celebrity to receive the vaccine, a number of other public figures have said they would receive the shot publicly, to encourage others to do the same when they were eligible.

Earlier this month, Piers Morgan said he would get the vaccine live on Good Morning Britain, saying: “I just feel like it’s really important if we are going to get through this that enough people take it.”

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