Dying Light 3 has not been announced but Techland is talking about it anyway

Dying Light 3 has not been announced but Techland is talking about it anyway


Techland has offered the first hints about Dying Light 3, as they use a fan poll to see what kind of protagonist it should have.

It didn’t seem to light up the world in quite the way developer Techland were probably hoping but by February last year Dying Light 2 had already sold 5 million copies, which under normal circumstances would pretty much guarantee another sequel.

Given the eight year gap between Dying Light 1 and 2, it’s clear Techland isn’t necessarily one to rush anything, but we now know for a fact that they are at least thinking about a third game.

A post on Twitter made it clear that they are not announcing Dying Light 3, but they did ask what profession of main hero fans would like to see in a theoretical third game.

In case you’ve forgotten, the main character in Dying Light 2 was a Pilgrim, one of the brave few that journeys between cities in the zombie post-apocalyptic. Also, they’re really good at parkour – although that seems to be true of nearly everyone in the Dying Light universe.

The options on the tweet are: an ordinary survivor, a Nightrunner, another Pilgrim, or a GRE agent turned good.

The Nightrunners were disbanded by the time of Dying Light 2 but were a military unit of infected soldiers that took inhibitors to boost their abilities for night combat.

The Global Relief Effort (GRE) is ostensibly a humanitarian organisation but as the tweet implies end up playing the role of the bad guys a lot of the time.

Whatever happens, Dying Light 3 is not Techland’s next project, which they already announced would be a ‘AAA open world action RPG in a fantasy setting.’

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