Do You Agree With The Stars Of "It Chapter Two" On These Horror Would You Rather Questions?

Do You Agree With The Stars Of "It Chapter Two" On These Horror Would You Rather Questions?


It’s been two years since Pennywise the Clown took over the world with 2017’s It, and now the Losers’ Club is back in It Chapter Two.

But do you agree with their answers? Watch the video and play along with the polls below to see how popular your horror movie opinions really are…

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1. Would you rather play a ouija board with friends or spend a night in a cabin in the woods on your own?

Jessica Chastain: A ouija board with friends. I’ve done it before.

James McAvoy: Oh, you have? Did you feel like the ouija board worked?

JC: There was a spirit named Michael who was a little boy who was talking to me in particular, but I think one of my friends was trying to scare me. Or there’s a little boy right behind you right now.

JM: Yeah, I like to take him everywhere. He’s my assistant.

  1. What about you? Do you agree?

    Ouija board with friends.Cabin in the woods.

  1.  votevotesOuija board with friends.
  2.  votevotesCabin in the woods.

JM: I think the behind me thing.

JC: You would rather that?! Yeah, I would rather that too.

JM: Yeah, because I don’t think I’d ever want to get back in bed. My only criticism of the first It movie was that Sophia has that incredible bloody moment in the bath, and it’s terrifying, and then twenty minutes later she’s in the bath reading the letter she got from Ben. You’re like, “Wait, I would never get back in that bath in my life, let alone have a nice relaxing bath looking at my love letter!”

I wouldn’t want the foot thing to happen, because I’d never get back into bed and feel good about it.

  1. Are you going with the mirror, or your bed?

    The mirror thing.The foot touch.

  1.  votevotesThe mirror thing.
  2.  votevotesThe foot touch.

JC: In a closet, because there’s more things you can pull from to fight with.

JM: What do you keep under your bed?

JC: Nothing.

JM: Nothing?! I keep quite a lot of things under my bed. I keep a lot of heavy things under my bed.

JC: So then for you it would be fine. The problem is you’re lying down, you’re not in a fighting position. You’re a bit vulnerable. They could just grab your feet and pull you out.

JM: I keep an old school Victorian cops’ truncheon near my bed, so I could maybe reach it from under my bed, and then smack Pennywise’s ankles as he came by the bed.

  1. Where are you hiding from a villain?

    Under the bed.In a closet.

  1.  votevotesUnder the bed.
  2.  votevotesIn a closet.

JM: I don’t know, both of them sound quite kinky. I think I’d rather the heavy breathing, because you could always engage. Try and have fun with it, you know.

JC: I’d rather the text. I’ve gotten the phone call with the heavy breathing, and it’s creepy.

  1. How would you rather your phone get creepy AF?

    I’ll pick up the phone.I want the text.

  1.  votevotesI’ll pick up the phone.
  2.  votevotesI want the text.

JC: I would never follow a strange noise! I’m the person in the audience that’s like, “Why are you doing that? Why are you going into the basement following a scary noise? Why are you going into the attic?”

By the way, attics are not as scary as basements. Basements are underground.

JM: This is true. I think I would go with attic, and here’s my thinking: You’re going into the attic, right? It’s dark, and there’s maybe something scary going to thrust at you. You trying to get back up the stairs is going to be a lot harder than you launching yourself down the stairs backwards whilst you’re swinging your truncheon or spraying your can of hairspray with a lighter.

JC: You could just jump out the window.

  1. If you absolutely had to follow a strange noise, where would you go?


  1.  votevotesBasement.
  2.  votevotesAttic.

JC: I’d rather face a killer clown, because that makes me feel like they’re human. If they’re Pennywise, they’d just represent my own fear, so I could conquer that. But a possessed doll? That’s demonic.

JM: What if the possessed doll is possessed by the soul of a killer clown? You’re double fucked then, aren’t you? Do you know what I mean?

  1. Are you facing Pennywise or Annabelle?

    I’ll take on the clown.I’m going with the doll.

  1.  votevotesI’ll take on the clown.
  2.  votevotesI’m going with the doll.

JM: I mean, I have technically spent the night in an abandoned hospital many times. Quite often, as an actor, you end up working in abandoned hospitals. You turn them into makeshift studios. I’ve done night shoots in those things quite a few times, and they are quite freaky. I’d say that.

JC: I would do the other one. It’s more fun! A haunted hotel? I like that!

  1. Where are you sleeping tonight?

    I’ll sleep in the hotel.I’ll go for the hospital.

  1.  votevotesI’ll sleep in the hotel.
  2.  votevotesI’ll go for the hospital.

JC: As an adult.

JM: As a child!

JC: Really?! But do you think in the film, they were successful?

JM: No, they weren’t, but they had more power as children. The magic, the power they have as the seven of them when they come together, aided by the turtle — key player in the book, not so much in the film — troubles Pennywise so much.

Pennywise actually says this at some point. He says, “How are you going to beat me? You can only beat me by your collective imagination and your unified belief, and your fears are what form me. When you were kids, you used to believe in magic.”

JC: But you also had more fears.

JM: Well, you did, but you also used to believe in the power of magic. Now you believe in the fucking IRS, so how are you going to beat me?

JC: We disagree on this one. I’m adult, you’re child.

  1. Are you starring in It or It Chapter Two?

    As a child.As an adult.

  1.  votevotesAs a child.
  2.  votevotesAs an adult.

JM: Masked killer, definitely. You’re dealing with a physical entity that’s real, and not like, “Hey, I slashed you!” and the guy’s like, “Woo, I’m a ghost!”

JC: Exactly.

  1. Who’s your villain of choice?

    The masked killer.The paranormal being.

  1.  votevotesThe masked killer.
  2.  votevotesThe paranormal being.

Thanks for playing along with us, guys! You can catch James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain in It Chapter Two, in cinemas worldwide now.

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