CLOT and Bang & Olufsen Launch a Beosound A1 Portable Speaker

CLOT and Bang & Olufsen Launch a Beosound A1 Portable Speaker


CLOT and luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen have collaborated on a new limited-edition portable Beosound A1 speaker. The project brings a new beat that celebrates the vitality and continues CLOT’s mission of bridging the East and West.

“Bang & Olufsen and CLOT share a passion for modern craftsmanship and premium materials. CLOT’s goal of bridging cultures through experiences and sensations to a new generation resonates with our own mission to design sound that sparks the senses for the ultimate listening experience,” sais Christoffer Poulsen, SVP of Product Management & Brand Partnering at Bang & Olufsen.

The partnership draws from the life force of blood and the origin of the name CLOT, which was inspired by Jamaican reggae music that the brand’s founder and Creative Director Edison Chen is drawn to. The Beosound A1 speaker is painted red with a large clot log displayed on the top and B&O logo below. A leather strap hangs off the side which can be adjusted by a metal lace deubré. In terms of technical specs, the Beosound A1 speaker is fully dust and waterproof and boasts True360 omnidirectional sound, Bluetooth 5.1, and 18 hours of non-stop play.

“The rhythm of a heartbeat is like music — it’s everyone’s beat, everyone’s being. Our heart pumps blood, and our blood runs our system. It’s like the making of music and the making of art, which is actually human nature. Being able to work with Bang & Olufsen and starting a journey on product creation has been fun. This is the first step and hopefully, we will have a lot more products to come,” said Chen.

The CLOT x Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 will be available on JUICE’s website and retail locations beginning December 12 for $299 USD.

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