Christina Allan Explores the Mysteries of the Ocean in 'DEAD SEA'

Christina Allan Explores the Mysteries of the Ocean in 'DEAD SEA'


Throughout history, the mysteriousness of the ocean and the creatures that dwell just beneath the surface have long fascinated our collective curiosity. In fact, even with all the technology of the present day, National Geographic estimates that more than 80% of the ocean “has never been mapped, explored, or even seen by humans.”

This curiosity for the unknown is the foundation of a new solo exhibition by Toronto-based artist, Christina Allan. In DEAD SEA, Allan presents a suite of new paintings that carry her highly expressive characters, such as skeletons and other spiritual figures in fantastical settings.

Similar to creatures found at the deep depths of the ocean, Allan has painted each of her subjects in a bioluminescent color palette that appear both striking to the eye and hazy through her signature use of airbrush, spray paint and acrylic paint. In particular, the exhibition revisits the artist’s childhood fascination with the sea and how concepts of fear and fascination, light and darkness, and proverbial good and evil, exist in unison.

Housed at Alchemy Gallery in New York, DEAD SEA will be on view until October 8.

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Alchemy Gallery
55 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002
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