Campire Audio Wraps Its New Earphones In Damascus Steel

Campire Audio Wraps Its New Earphones In Damascus Steel


If you’re looking to find a gift for an audiophile this holiday season, you’re now in luck: Campfire Audio has just introduced its new Saber wired earphones that don’t only sound great but also look exceptional.

Boasting a brand new hybrid design from the company, the in-ear model is wrapped beautifully by a Damascus steel housing to give it just that extra bit of flair. Three drivers sit inside including an 8mm hybrid beryllium polymer diaphragm dynamic driver, a 6mm nano titanium diaphragm driver, and a single balanced armature driver to round things out. The earphones are then completed with a Pure Copper cable with adjustable ear hooks and a neat canvas case to store the pair in.

Limited to just 1,000 made, the new Damascus steel Saber earphones are now available over on Campfire Audio’s website for $450 USD.

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