ASOS shares ‘life changing’ sock hack – but not everyone is convinced it works

ASOS shares ‘life changing’ sock hack – but not everyone is convinced it works


If you've ever found yourself wearing the wrong socks for the pair of shoes you want to put on, ASOS claim to have the solution.

The fashion giants have taken to Instagram to share a quick and easy trick that will completely transform your socks.

In a short video, they show how you can tuck your ordinary socks up to create invisible socks that can be hidden inside pumps and loafers.

They begin by folding over a pair of neon pink socks and pushing them down, over the ankle to look like trainer socks.

They continue pushing down the sock until it is almost totally off the foot, then the woman demonstrating wraps the top of the sock underneath her foot, securing it over the heel.

And voila – invisible socks!

The toe-rific trick appears to work best with thin, tight socks that won't be too bulky once folded over in your shoe.

ASOS only uploaded the video two days ago but it has already amassed a whopping 427,000 views.

Many people have praised the company for sharing the clever hack, with one viewer going so far as to call it "life changing".

Another said: "Mind blown."

While a third proclaimed it was "revolutionary".

And a fourth asked: "What kind of magic is this????"

However not everyone was quite so impressed with the trick, as others were sceptical that the sock would really stay on the foot like that.

"That sock is coming off on the first step," commented someone else. "It woulda been a look if they kept the socks the way they were."

A second wrote: "I'm not convinced it will stay there."

Another person posted: "That looks incredibly annoying."

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