Apple's 'Tetris' Film is a Dramatic Look at the Game's Origin

Apple's 'Tetris' Film is a Dramatic Look at the Game's Origin


For those curious about how Tetris became a global phenomenon, a dramatic look at the iconic puzzle video game is coming next month to Apple TV+. Apple has just released the first trailer for its upcoming film, Tetris, a biographical drama feature film chronicling the origin of the game.

Directed by Jon S. Baird and written by Noah Pink, the film stars Taron Egerton as Henk Rogers, a Dutch entrepreneur that acquires the rights to publish Tetris on the Nintendo Game Boy and other consoles. Nikita Yefremov plays Soviet software engineer Alexey Pajitnov, the man that created the game during the Cold War.

The film highlights the Cold War tension that erupts due to Pajitnov being a government employee. Aside from Pajitnov not receiving any royalties for his game known around the world, the film reveals a unique collision between communism and capitalism. Revealed in the exciting trailer Tetris features playful moments inspired by the game, alongside a dramatic retelling featuring clashes with KGB agents and Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union.

Watch the first trailer for Tetris arriving on Apple TV+ March 31 above.

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