Apple Releases Year of the Tiger AirPods Pros

Apple Releases Year of the Tiger AirPods Pros


Following the 2022 New Years celebrations, the Lunar New Year festivities are set to begin next month on February 1. Similar to the previous Year of the Ox offering, Apple is releasing a special-edition Year of the Tiger Airpods Pro.

The MagSafe charging case displays a special tiger emoji wearing a tiger hood with fireworks in the background. Other than the case, the special-edition product has no noticeable difference other than the same emoji engraved in bright red on the sides of the packaging box. Buyers will also receive a set of exclusive red packets embossed with the tiger emoji inside the Apple logo and “2022’ text.

The Special Edition AirPods Pro – Tiger is now available in-store and online at select Asian markets including Hong Kong. and currently retail for the same price as the regular Airpods Pro at HK $1,999 ($249 USD). Those currently not in Asia can opt to engrave the standard tiger emoji on their case for a similar effect without the special hood and fireworks.

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