Actor Kang Ji-hwan admits to all charges in sexual-assault case

Actor Kang Ji-hwan admits to all charges in sexual-assault case


At first, South Korean actor Kang Ji-hwan told police that he had got drunk and could not remember what he had done.

Two female crew members alleged that they were trapped in his home and that he sexually assaulted them.

They had followed him home to have more drinks after a company dinner.

One of them said she woke up to find him trying to have sex with her colleague.

She suspected she was a victim because her clothes were in disarray in the July 9 incident.

Now, Kang, 42, who is under arrest, has admitted to all the charges in his sexual assault case.

“I will accept punishment for my crimes and make atonement,” he said in a statement released through his lawyers.

Korean media reported that he has already been dropped from drama Joseon Survival and that his management agency has cut off ties with him.

Kang also apologised to the two women for having to deal with talk online over whether they are telling the truth.

One of the accusers said she called the police more than 10 times but could not get through.

So how did she manage to text an acquaintance then, if there was no cell signal in Kang’s home, some netizens asked.

But now that he has owned up to his actions, one netizen called for closure, writing: “People were blaming the victims. I’m glad that he is admitting everything.

“It will be difficult for the girls to recover but this will be the start.”

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