A familiar face will be returning to Line Of Duty for next week’s episode

A familiar face will be returning to Line Of Duty for next week’s episode


With just three episodes to go until the end of Line Of Duty season six, a familiar face will be returning to our screens to mess with Ted Hastings and AC-12.

After months spent waiting for new trailers, catching up on all those acronyms and re-watching the past five series for any potential ‘H’ clues, Line Of Duty season six is now well and truly underway.

In fact, with episode four having aired on Sunday (11 April), we’re now over halfway through the latest season.

With more and more questions being raised with every new episode (who is Ryan working for? And what’s the deal with Kate and Jo?) we already knew that the last three episodes were going to be anything but chill.  

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But what we – or anyone, for that matter – couldn’t have predicted, was the return of one of the series’ most infamous characters: Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael, played by none other than Anna Maxwell Martin.

Yep, you read that right. Just when we thought we’d seen the last of Carmichael in season five (you know, when she was brought in as an independent investigator to look into the suspicions being mounted over the integrity of Superintendent Ted Hastings) it’s been confirmed that she’ll be making her way back onto our screens this weekend. 

In series five, DCS Patricia Carmichael became known for her no-nonsense approach and cold-eyed dedication to the cause.

Why, you ask? The reason behind Carmichael’s return to the series is not exactly clear, but it seems likely it could have something to do with Ted’s forced retirement and the restructuring of the anti-corruption units which could lead to the end of AC-12.

Speaking about her return to the series, Maxwell Martin said: “Pat’s back, I can’t remember what she’s doing there, nor would I be allowed to blab, but suffice to say she’s got some new clobber and she’s ready to bust some balls.” 

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For now, we’ll just have to add the reason for Carmichael’s return to the list of questions we hope will be answered in next week’s episode – including which member of the police force Jo Davidson is related to, a fact which was revealed as part of a cliffhanger at the end of this week’s episode.

If one thing’s for sure, Line Of Duty isn’t short of dramatic plot lines, suspicious characters and narrative twists to keep us watching – and we’ll be tuning in again next Sunday to get our weekly fix.  

Episode five of Line Of Duty season six will air at 9pm Sunday 18 April on BBC One

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