32 Extremely Specific Things Every Single Millennial Hasn't Thought About In YEARS

32 Extremely Specific Things Every Single Millennial Hasn't Thought About In YEARS


1.That absolutely terrifying Honeycombs mascot:

2.The Handy Dandy Notebook from “Blues Clues”:

3.What iTunes used to look like:

4.And the hours you spent organizing album artwork:

5.What the YouTube app used to look like:

6.The rush you got from buying a soda and looking under the cap:

7.Those flipping dogs that you’d always play with in a Kaybee Toys but never buy:

8.The trials and tribulations of Stoop Kid:

9.Seeing this logo right after you watched your favorite show:

10.The original foil packaging Kit Kats came in:

11.A little duo named Prometheus and Bob:

12.Finally getting games on your calculator and never paying attention once again:

13.Ask MFin’ JEEVES:

14.The ORIGINAL emojis:


15.The U2 iPod:

16.Big ass towers designed specifically to hold CDs:

17.Spending way too long reading the lyric book of every one of those CDs:

18.That one beer drinking app everyone got when they first bought an iPhone:

19.Watching “Dinner & A Movie” on TBS in-between whatever totally decent movie they were playing that night:

20.The old restart screen on a Windows XP:

21.Pierre Escargot teaching you french:

22.Those lying fish shampoos that promised you “no tears”:

23.The helicopter game:

24.Those 25 year old Muzzy commercials that played every single day during cartoons:

25.Those cute l’il bug boxes:

26.Accessing Facebook on a flip phone before everyone had smart phones:

27.That big slightly unnerving head from “Figure It Out”

28.Fruitopia, the drink that never got a fair shake:

29.That one berries and cream Starburst commercial everyone quoted:

30.The original, very hardcore, Cherry Coke logo:

31.Stick Stickly, in all his stick glory:

32.And those Myspace surveys everyone from your school thought showed how deep a person they were:


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