21 Hilarious "Drunk Me" Tweets That Are Way Too Real

21 Hilarious "Drunk Me" Tweets That Are Way Too Real


1.First off, “drunk me” isn’t always your friend:

2.And don’t expect “drunk me” to make normal decisions:

3.You CAN, however, expect “drunk me” to make bad decisions:

4.Lots of them:

5.Also, “drunk me” can’t stray too far from the bathroom:

6.On the plus side, “drunk me” has serious game (at least you think they do when you’re drunk):

7.“Drunk me” has oodles of confidence:

8.“Drunk me” can socialize:

9.“Drunk me” has some boots made for walking:

10.And “drunk me” can make some pretty A+ purchases you appreciate in the morning:

11.BUT…you really shouldn’t trust “drunk me” with your money:

12.Especially when it comes to food:

13.Like, if you ask me, this guy really needs to find out WHY “drunk me” did this:

14.“Drunk me” likes to TALK:

15.And “drunk me” is honest…like RURL honest:

16.Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing:

17.But “drunk me” will spill the tea, guaranteed:

18.Unfortunately, “drunk me” can be a little belligerent:

19.“Drunk me” should not send emails:

20.And “drunk me” probably shouldn’t do too much brainstorming:

21.In the end, though, if “drunk me” messes things up for you, you can always remind people:


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