18 Retail Customers Who Don't Know The Meaning Of The Word "Respect"

18 Retail Customers Who Don't Know The Meaning Of The Word "Respect"


1.Whoever had butter fingers in aisle five.

2.Whoever did Bed Bath & Beyond dirty like this.

3.Whoever thought PUMA was a department store.

4.Whoever let their child (tornado?) do this.

5.Whoever just really felt like rubbing it in.

6.Whoever couldn’t put two and two together.

7.Whoever treated this dressing room like they treat their bedroom (AKA like shit).

8.Whoever felt like robbing the store employee wasn’t enough.

9.Makes you wonder if it was the same person who burned off these security tags.

10.Whoever thought anyone would find this joke funny.

11.Whoever couldn’t accept that they made the trip to the wrong store.

12.Whoever thought they had the right to just leave their Fritos wrapper in the pocket of these pants.

13.Whoever decided to mosey on in a few minutes before closing time.

14.Whoever thought they had the right to comment on an employee’s body.

15.Whoever assumed no one would notice they replaced their old crappy basketball with a brand new one. Yes, I’m looking at you Stephanie.

16.Whoever couldn’t take no for an answer.

17.Whoever opened all of these cat food cans and just left them on the shelf.


18.Jake Paul :/

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