16 Really Wholesome Things That Happened This Week

16 Really Wholesome Things That Happened This Week


1.This adorable bird who is just really, really excited about his banana:

2.This incredible hero:

3.This pure neighbor who just really loves his friendly neighborhood raccoon:

4.This wildly cute doggo dance:

5.This hilariously wholesome Jonas Brothers fan who wanted the world to know he showed up but also had an 8 a.m. class the next morning:

6.This very, very intoxicated boyfriend who kindly declined his girlfriend’s invitation:

7.This teen who had a next-level good idea:

8.This traffic director who safely led this cat across the street:

9.This man named Bob who had THE BEST life advice:

10.This extremely thoughtful husband who wanted to send a sweet sentiment to his wife after he passed:

11.This gas station sign that’ll change the way you think:

12.This adorable big brother who wears different costumes as he waits for his younger brother to get off the bus every day:

13.This dad who helped prove to his daughter that vaccinations aren’t so scary:

14.This grandma who is clearly enjoying herself at a Slipknot concert:

15.This dog who just really, really, really loves this baby:

16.And finally, this really nice guy who found this other nice guy’s missing shade:

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