15 Photos Of Celebrities Celebrating #InternationalCatDay In The Cutest Ways Possible

15 Photos Of Celebrities Celebrating #InternationalCatDay In The Cutest Ways Possible


1.Nicole Kidman reminded everyone she’s “always been a cat girl”:


2.Mark Ruffalo shared an all-too-relatable image of his kitteh Inky:

3.Joseph Gordon-Levitt posted a cute as heck #TBT of himself with a kitteh:

4.Luke Evans shared an LOL-worthy GIF…

…and this cute video of his own lil’ bb:


5.Thandie Newton posted this doubly adorable photo of her daughter Nico and her fur baby Tiger:

https://instagram.com/p/B060Z-op1Az/” target=”_blank”>instagram.com

6.Mark Hamill reminded us cats are in fact one with the Force:

7.Kylie Minogue posted this cute throwback pic of herself and a kitten:

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8.Anthony Hopkins shared this very artistic homage to cats:

9.Katie Couric showed off her favorite furry grandkitties:

10.Ricky Gervais reminded us that EVERY day is actually #InternationalCatDay:

https://instagram.com/p/B06B0pon8Gu/” target=”_blank”>instagram.com

11.Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) posed with her PURRfect pal:

12.Kyle MacLachlan reminisced about his time as a cat-wrangling Mayor on Portlandia:

13.Ellen shared this relaxing pic of a cat in not one, but TWO baskets:

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14.Author Neil Gaiman posted this pic of himself TRYING to write with his cat in his lap (GOOD LUCK):

15.And finally, Stan Lee’s estate shared this beautiful image of two iconic legends we lost over the last year:

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