Zookeeper Attacked By Tiger Dies Of Heart Attack

Zookeeper Attacked By Tiger Dies Of Heart Attack


A zookeeper in Mexico was attacked by one of the tigers he was caring for … dying of a heart attack shortly after the incident.

The whole thing went down Monday in West Mexico, when a 23-year-old zoo keeper, by the name of José de Jesús, summoned a Bengal tiger through a fence to pet the animal before a feeding.

De Jesus touches the animal without incident, but it suddenly changes its attitude, clamping down on his outstretched right hand and causing the zookeeper to yell out in agony.

José was reportedly taken to the hospital, but didn’t want medics to amputate his hand. His health quickly deteriorated after the attack, until he died of a heart attack.

Apparently, the footage of the terrifying attack was released by the animal’s owner who is said to have had the tiger at a private zoo. The owner reportedly said he paid for all the zookeeper’s medical bills and had all the necessary permits to own the tiger.

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