Weinstein Being Filmed Nonstop in Prison to Avoid Another Epstein

Weinstein Being Filmed Nonstop in Prison to Avoid Another Epstein


Harvey Weinstein is getting the home movie treatment from behind bars — having cameras record his every move so he doesn’t go the way of Jeffrey Epstein … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us … a correctional officer is assigned to follow Weinstein anytime he’s on the move from within the state prison he’s currently serving his sentence at — which is Wende Correctional Facility in upstate NY.

Aside from the regular surveillance cameras that might be fixated on HW at any given time, we’re told whichever guard is assigned to shadow him for the day has a camera on him at eye-level … basically, he’s being recorded damn-near round-the-clock.

It’s unclear if it’s a body cam or hand held camera — prison officials tell us they can use both when monitoring an inmate’s safety — but in any case it’s lights, camera, action all over again for Mr. Weinstein.

As for why … the concerns followed Weinstein from Rikers to where is is currently — prison officials are worried if they take their eyes off Weinstein things could quickly go awry.

More importantly, we’re told state prison officials are doing this to tamp down any conspiracy theories that might arise if things go south — not just that, they’re looking to cover their butts  from criminal liability.

Our sources say the thinking is … if there’s a mountain of visual evidence at the ready, nobody can accuse them of screwing up like the Epstein guards allegedly did.

Weinstein is in frail health and there were concerns last week he may have had COVID, but he tested negative.

Weinstein’s rep, Juda Engelmayer, declined to comment. The New York State DOC also refused to comment on specific safety protocols for any given prisoner.

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