Wait, did Prince Harry already attend the Camp Google summit in Italy?

Wait, did Prince Harry already attend the Camp Google summit in Italy?


Yesterday, we heard that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not stop by Italy for the big Camp Google extravaganza, which sounds a lot like Davos, only somehow less substantive. I think the idea behind Camp Google is “Davos but make it lighter, with more celebrity guests and even bigger perks like live music and vacation-like amenities.” It really does sound like a very elite vacation with a handful of lectures from Famous Important People. Apparently, the Camp Google thing is happening now and it will go on for another few days.

Anyway, I wasn’t surprised that Will & Kate did not attend, but I am surprised that… Prince Harry maybe did? The Daily Mail said that Harry is “on the guest list” but “it is not known if Prince Harry will accept the invitation.” But Page Six reports this:

Prince Harry has added to the hot air at Google Camp — by giving a barefoot speech at the billionaire summer party in Sicily about the need to save the environment, Page Six has learned. A source said the Duke of Sussex showed up at the super-secret three-day event to give an impassioned lecture about saving nature to a crowd of A-list celebrities and power brokers, many of whom arrived in gas-guzzling private jets and are staying on enormous mega-yachts.

The prince covered the same material he talked about in an interview with British Vogue this week, where he said he planned to have no more than two children with wife Meghan Markle, the source said.

Up to 200 celebrities have descended on the island of Sicily, chartering 114 private jets to get there and tooling around on Maseratis between staying on mega-yachts worth up to $400 million, according to Italian press reports. The three-day event ironically is focused on climate change, but the world’s rich and famous will also discuss human rights, politics and online privacy.

[From Page Six]

I mean… regardless of Prince Harry’s attendance, did NO ONE think about the optics of the private jets and the mega-yachts all for a conference about climate change? How did not one organizer say “you know what, maybe we shouldn’t.” What was first on the conference’s agenda? “Why private planes are bad unless you don’t want to fly amongst the peasantry, then it’s fine.” As for Harry’s questionable attendance… IF he was there, everyone will make it about Meghan. Harry is too celebrity-driven now because of Meg! Harry is all about glitz and glamour because he married an actress! Blah. I mean, if he did attend, he absolutely deserves to be criticized because YEESH, this summit is like Hypocrites R’ Us. But it has nothing to do with Meg.

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