Vin Diesel, Cardi B give boost to Dominican Republic

Vin Diesel, Cardi B give boost to Dominican Republic


Stars such as Cardi B and Vin Diesel are showing some love for the Dominican Republic amid the embattled island’s public relations crisis.

Speaking from London, the “Fast and Furious” actor went on Instagram to defend the tourist destination, which has been rattled by  reports of American tourists dying and falling ill in recent months.

“Never let anyone tell you that people in the Dominican Republic aren’t magical wonderful people,” the 51-year-old actor said on Monday. “I love that country and I will always love that country.”

His comments come after rapper Cardi B posted an Instagram story last month to dismiss reports that the country is unsafe.

The Bronx artist — who is of Dominican descent — told fans in Spanish that she recently paid a visit to the beach oasis and was “fine.”

“What I do know is that the Dominican Republic is the most beautiful country, and everyone has fun there,” the rapper said. “Even poor people have fun. So it hurts me a lot when people say ‘that country is bad. That country is this and that.”

Tourism to the Caribbean island has taken a massive hit since reports of at least 12 Americans dying in recent months. A recent study showed trips booked to the island dropped by 74.3% for the months of July and August compared to the same period last year.

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