Travis Scott Drops Video For ‘Gatti’ Featuring Pop Smoke

Travis Scott Drops Video For ‘Gatti’ Featuring Pop Smoke


Close on the heels of the release of his band’s seven-track EP Jackboys and the “Gang Gang” video, Travis Scott has shared the visual for “Gatti,” featuring Pop Smoke.

The Cactus Jack and White Trash Taylor-directed video shows Scott and Smoke bringing their frenetic energy out into the streets of New York.

“She need a chunk, not a piece (Alright)/ It cost me three for the keys (Keys)/ Not the work but the V/ She let it twirl to the beat,” Scott raps.

“I’m from the Floss where n***as tote (Woah) / They couldn’t be Crips, so they turned Folks (Bah) / Drivin’ through the ‘Ville, droppin’ the cho (Brr) / I gotta laugh, ’cause these n***as jokes (Haha) / Dread like, “Who these n***as?” (Who these n***as?) / “I don’t know” (I don’t know), but I’m on go (Woo),” Smoke sings.

“And I’m in that Bugatti, movin’ two hundred (Bah) / Givin’ pumps, like, “Who shot ya?” (Brr) / Me and Trey, that’s four choppers (Woo) / Man down (Woo), all you see is helicopters (Grr) / Paramedics pick him up, they gon’ send him to the doctor,” he goes on.

AXL Beats and 808Melo produced “Gatti.’ While introducing the track, AXL Beats said in a statement to Complex, “I’ve got Pop Smoke, Travis Scott. Working with ’em right now… It’s super heat. I mean, Travis Scott on a drill beat. That’s going to blow people’s minds.”

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