Toronto Raptors’ Danny Green visits Winnipeg for youth basketball camp

Toronto Raptors’ Danny Green visits Winnipeg for youth basketball camp


Toronto Raptors shooting guard Danny Green is noticing the impact his team bringing an NBA championship to Canada is having coast to coast to coast.

“It seems as if even after the Finals every kid is out on the street corners and every court you see is packed, because they want to play basketball,” Green said.

“To have that type of impact is very humbling.”

The two-day basketball camp is organized by Basketball Manitoba, and marks the first time an active NBA player is hosting a basketball camp in the province.

“A lot of parents and kids are thanking me just for coming and running the camp,” Green said. “You don’t get that often, especially in other places.”

The camp, however, was an easy sell for over 200 participants.

“When I knew it was Danny Green, I was super excited because it’s super cool to meet a Toronto Raptors player,” said Elly McFee, one of the many basketball players taking part in Wednesday’s camp.

“He’s kind of like a role model to young athletes and it’s cool to be in the same room as him, and to be able to ask him about how he got to the NBA,” said Stephanie McKnight, another camp participant.

Basketball Manitoba hopes the camp inspires basketball fans to turn into basketball players.

“Let’s not just wait for special events or once-in-a-lifetime moments,” said Basketball Manitoba’s Adam Wedlake.

“Let’s get them playing every week and every night, not only as just a player but as a coach, volunteer and official.”

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