Tom Ellis age: How old is Lucifer star Tom Ellis?

Tom Ellis age: How old is Lucifer star Tom Ellis?


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Lucifer season 5B will be airing later this year as viewers see how the rest of the fifth outing plays out. The show will see Tom Ellis reprising his role as the immortal Lucifer Morningstar. However, some viewers might be keen to know more about Ellis’ own age as well as how he started out as an actor.

In the Netflix series, Ellis stars in the titular role as the devil Lucifer who leaves Hell behind for Los Angeles.

Throughout the show, it is hinted he is billions of years old given he is an immortal being.

Lucifer’s age is not known exactly but he has said in the past he has been around for aeons.

Given all of this, many might be wondering how old the actor who plays him is.

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How old is Lucifer star Tom Ellis?

Ellis was born on November 17, 1978, making him 42-years-old.

The star was born in Cardiff in Wales to Marilyn Jean and Christopher John Ellis.

He first started acting when he landed a spot at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Ellis appeared in his first role on screen in 2000 when he played Ben in the television series Kiss Me Kate.

The actor then went on to build an impressive career on UK screens with roles in Holby City as David Jones, Midsomer Murders as Lee Smeeton and Dr Oliver Cousins in EastEnders.

His breakthrough role came as Gary Preston in the BBC comedy series Miranda, which he last reprised in 2015.

Fans may also recognise him from Merlin, Sugartown, Doctor Who and Gates.

In 2014, he broke through on American screens when he landed the role of Dr William Rush in Rush.


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The series was short-lived but Ellis was soon cast in his now-iconic role in Lucifer in 2016.

Now his time on Lucifer is coming to an end, the actor has opened up about what roles he wants to take on in the next part of his career.

Speaking to Square Mile, he said he wants to reinvent himself after the show.

He said: “I am going to find myself in that similar territory in that people are going to expect one thing from me now.

“And I would like to surprise them and do something completely different. That’s always been my thought process.”

Ellis also opened up about this in a profile piece with Da Man magazine earlier this year.

He said: “In terms of work, I always want to do something completely different from my previous role.

“I trained in theatre and will always want to go back to my roots because that’s what I fell in love with in the first place.

“Film is also a huge passion of mine and I would love to continue with my film work.

“I have ambitions to work with directors who I admire like Danny Boyle, Jordan Peele, Kenneth Branagh, Ava DuVernay and Sam Mendes and many more!

“Also, my family are huge fans of classic rom-coms like When Harry met Sally and Notting Hill and I would love to enter that world at some point too.”

Lucifer season 5A is available to watch on Netflix now.

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