The Funniest (And Most Relatable) Election Memes!

The Funniest (And Most Relatable) Election Memes!


Hey, you. Yes, you. You’re not alone.

If you’re stressed AF right now, and constantly hitting refresh on Twitter or endlessly flipping between MSNBC and CNN to see if Joe Biden has finally taken the lead in Georgia, or Nevada, or Pennsylvania, or whichever state it was this time… YOU’RE NOT ALONE! EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT, TOO!

First it was North Carolina that looked like it might give Biden a path to 270 electoral votes… then NC fell back, and Georgia popped up. Florida gave us hope for a bit, but faded quickly. Arizona came on strong. Nevada suddenly showed out! And, wait a minute, what’s that over there: Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin?! Here we goooooo!

Don’t get it twisted, though: no matter how it plays out we’ve felt SO much anxiety over the past week watching this clusterf**k unfold. Especially as Trump simultaneously pushes to stop counting the votes — and to keep counting where he’s behind. Who knows what he’ll do if everyone else agrees he’s lost!

And all this, on top of the regularly crazy crap we’ve dealt with in 2020, too. It’s been a YEAR, y’all.

So for at least a moment — before you check CNN for the 950th time today to see about those last few votes in Nevada — relax a little bit with some of the funniest, most relatable memes from the election that are being shared all over social media right now:



Love it!

And yes, now you can go back and see whether they’ve updated Joe Biden’s electoral vote total yet. Here’s hoping!!!

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