Stuff of nightmares! Naga Munchetty reaches out to BBC co-star over blunder

Stuff of nightmares! Naga Munchetty reaches out to BBC co-star over blunder


Naga Munchetty reveals she is suffering with achilles tendonitis

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Naga Munchetty, 46, has responded to a co-star who had some trouble getting organised for work. The BBC presenter had a brief discussion with her colleague on Twitter about this.

That’s the stuff of nightmares

Naga Munchetty

Naga responded to Sarah Keith-Lucas after she tweeted to her 13,200 followers: “So…I woke up at my normal 03:10 for my early shift…got ready, dressed, coffee made, got in the car to drive to work, only to discover the clock actually read ‘23:20’ not ‘03:20’!

“Cue a second bedtime routine and another 4 hours sleep.”

Naga replied in view of her 262,500 followers: “Oh. That’s the stuff of nightmares

“Well done for getting back to sleep!”

The BBC breakfast presenter’s fans were quick to relate their own difficulties getting ready on time.

@Badmungo said: “Morning, Sarah and Naga. Both being style icons as usual. I overslept till 5 and thought “I’m unemployed, why the hell is my alarm set for 5?“.

“Then I realised Sally and World news is my game now, have a good weekend ladies. X”

@FightingFit2021 wrote: “Done something very similar myself many years back, jumped out of bed thought I’d slept late.

“Then halfway to work realised I was 2 hrs early, got back home, turned the TV on and it was also a Saturday morning, duuuuuur.” (sic)

Naga recently stunned fans and followers with her appearance on the red carpet for the Ethnicity Awards.

This year saw the Ethnicity Awards returning back into a in-person event.

The evening celebrates equality of opportunity, regardless of race or gender.

Naga dressed up in a silky black dress for the occasion

The dress featured long sleeves and a deep neckline.

Naga also had a poppy pinned to the dress to finish her look.

In other news, Naga also opened up about the best advice she has ever received while she was growing up.

She shared this in a piece for The Big Issue.

“An aunt in my husband’s family just said, “be kind.

“I know it seems trite now because everyone uses it. But this was 17 years ago.

“So be kind – because you never know what the other person’s going through.”

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