Steve Aoki Falls Off Stage During DJ Set

Steve Aoki Falls Off Stage During DJ Set


Steve Aoki had a night full of ups and downs … falling hard off the stage during his DJ set at a nightclub, before getting back up to continue.

Steve hit the floor (literally) Sunday night at DAER Nightclub in Hollywood, Florida. During his set, he fell really hard off the stage and landed on the ground … but, he didn’t stay down for long.

Moments later, he hops back up and goes back to work on the turntables. For the most part, he didn’t seem too affected by the tumble … bobbing his head and getting back in the zone.

At one point after the fall, he even puts on his boxing gloves and squares off with boxer Ryan Garcia … and punches weren’t the only things the guys ate on stage. Steve even threw a huge cake in Ryan’s face, before they danced it all out, together.

Some other notable guests in the building included … Dennis Rodman, Shaggy, Vernon Davis, and Sommer Ray.

Celebrity Sports Entertainment put on the event, which was an F1 after-party … clearly, it was a fun night, full of many surprises.

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