Spencer Matthews misses Jamie Laings wedding after being demoted by best pal

Spencer Matthews misses Jamie Laings wedding after being demoted by best pal


Spencer Matthews ended up missing his 34 year old best pal Jamie Laing's wedding to Sophie Habboo, 29, in London on Friday, just a day after announcing he had been "demoted".

While the former Made in Chelsea star is expected to attend the couple's lavish nuptials in Spain next month, his sudden absence seemed conspicuous.

It seems that Spencer, 34, missed the wedding due to a family holiday to Portugal, as his wife Vogue Williams shared a snap of them running along the beach.

Vogue also shared pictures from a day earlier of the couple's three children – Theodore, Gigi and Otto – as well as with her siblings, Amber and Alexander.

Spencer recently revealed that he'd been told his role at Jamie's wedding was actually Master of Ceremonies, after he'd assumed he was the celebrant.

The difference between the two is that a celebrant, or in religious ceremonies, a priest, is the person actually making things official for the married couple.

A Master of Ceremonies is the person who normally announces different elements of the day, such as when it's time for guests to be seated, the various speeches, and even the first time the couple are announced as "Mr and Mrs".

Speaking on his podcast with wife Vogue, Spencer appeared to be joking when he said: “I've been demoted at Jamie’s wedding”.

Vogue, 37, then reminded her husband that he didn't even attend his best friend's stag do in a ski resort last month.

“Let’s be honest, you didn’t go to his stag”, she offered bluntly, but Jamie was insistent.

“Who goes to stag dos honestly? No self-respecting man goes on a stag do," he declared, as Vogue teased the reason for his demotion could have been due to her absence.

Spencer explained to listeners his original thoughts on his wedding role, and was keen to make sure people didn't assume there was a rift between him and Jamie.

“Just to be clear, I am going to his wedding, he is my best friend, and he would care if I didn’t go.

"However, I thought he had said to me that I was marrying them," the star said, before joking: “I’m the Master of Ceremonies, which is just for the loudest person there you know?

“He [Jamie] called me and he asked me to put it on speaker because he was with Sophie, and the two of them said ‘will you marry us?’ and I went ‘yeah mate of course’. And he was like ‘mate it will be so much fun’.”

But while Spencer said he "loved" the idea of officiating his best friend's wedding, when he went to Jamie to confirm the details recently, the Candy Kittens brand owner brought him down to earth.

“Oh no mate, you’re just M.C, like you know we’re going from place to place and you have to help with that, it's a big job," Spencer recalled.

But despite Spencer's insistence he would still definitely be attending the nuptials wedding, there was a conspicuous absence during the festivities in London.

As Jamie and Sophie were all smiles emerging from the Chelsea Registry Office, Spencer was nowhere to be seen.

And the groom later posted a snap from his swanky slap-up wedding breakfast at Stanley's restaurant in Chelsea, which showed a group of close friends all posing for the camera – without Spencer.

Fans will have to wait and see if Spencer still attends the 200-strong wedding in Marbella.


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