Sean Bean addresses regrets after being married five times amid failed romances

Sean Bean addresses regrets after being married five times amid failed romances


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Sean Benn, 63, who plays lead character Ian in the four-part BBC series Marriage, has opened up about his own love life which saw the actor tie the knot five times. The on-screen star has admitted he doesn’t regret walking down the aisle on numerous occasions, as he reflected on being a “romantic”.

Sean – who has been divorced four times – married his current wife Ashley Moore in 2017.

He spoke candidly about his relationships ahead of the debut of Marriage, a new BBC drama that follows the ups and downs of longtime married couple Ian (played by Sean Bean) and Emma (Nicole Walker).

The actor admitted he truly believed his marriages would last forever but added it was not meant to be.

“I’ve obviously experienced more marriages than most people,” he said, adding that his failed relationships didn’t stop him from trying to find love.

“I suppose there is that romantic in me, otherwise I wouldn’t keep doing it,” he added to The Times. “But I don’t regret anything. I’d live it all again.”

Speaking about how he met his fifth wife, the former Game of Thrones actor said the pair were introduced to each other at a pub in 2012, and his other half is 26 years his junior.

He said: “She was in there with friends and I came in with my friend and it was just a chance meeting I used to go in there now and again, but it was the first time she’d ever been in. We kind of hit it off.”

Ashley is an American actress and starred in Grange Hill when she was younger.

In 2014 the couple became engaged and they married in 2017 in Dorset.

They currently live in Somerset and have no children together although Sean has hinted this is not off the cards, as he told Bustle that it “would be nice” to have another child.

Sean first got married in 1981, to his secondary school sweetheart Debra James but the couple divorced in 1988.

He later married fellow actor Melanie Hill in 1990 and the couple had two children together, daughters Molly, 30 and Lorna, 34.


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However, the pair split after seven years of marriage.

Sean went on to marry Abigail Cruttenden in 1997 and two years after welcoming their daughter Evie, 23, the pair called it quits in 2000.

The Sharpe actor began dating Georgina Sutcliffe in 2006 and the pair later married in 2008 but they divorced two years later.

Opening up about his numerous attempts at marriage, Sean admitted he looked towards his parent’s marriage for inspiration.

“It’s not as though I’ve been gallivanting around,” he told the same publication

“I suppose I could have seen how things developed, got to know them better before taking the plunge.”

He added: “But I didn’t because I felt strongly about all these women, otherwise I wouldn’t have married them.”

Marriage airs tonight on BBC One at 9pm.


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