Ruth Langsford shares nerves over latest procedure results as she unveils transformation

Ruth Langsford shares nerves over latest procedure results as she unveils transformation


Ruth Langsford gets her eyebrows tattooed

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Ruth Langsford has revealed she is “very happy” with the results from her latest procedure, after she had her eyebrows tattooed on. The 62-year-old said she no longer needed to “paint” her brows on, as she showed off her glamorous look.

“Hi everybody I am back with Naomi at The Little Parlour,” said Ruth, as she lay back in a chair at the aesthetician’s office in a video on Instagram. 

“This is six weeks after I had my first eyebrows tattooed, and this is my six week assessment,” she continued. 

Naomi then explained that she was checking that the brows were the correct shade and that the dye was evenly distributed. 

“I love the shape, and I think now I’m used to them I could have gone a little bit darker,” said Ruth.

“I was nervous about that to start with! So can we go a bit darker?”

Naomi agreed to top up Ruth’s brows in a slightly darker shade this time, now that the This Morning star felt more confident. 

In the caption, Ruth revealed: “I’m all good for 12 – 18 months now….no more painting my eyebrows on! VERY happy!

“Thank you Naomi,” she added. 

In a second video, Ruth can be seen having the colour applied, while a third exhibited the beautiful results of her sleek new eyebrows – which she said would lighten as they healed. 

The fourth post in the slideshow was a selfie Ruth took with Naomi, looking delighted.

Ruth initially explained her decision to have the semi-permanent makeup inked on her face back in March. 

Sharing a five-minute clip of herself at the beautician’s, Ruth addressed her one million followers with a band pushing her hair away from her face.

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She captioned the video: “So I finally bit the bullet!

“I’ve been thinking of having my eyebrows tattooed for a while and yesterday I did it!

“Well I didn’t do it…my friend, the very professional and very lovely Naomi, owner of @thelittleparlour did it!

“If you’ve been thinking about it too, we put together this little video so you can see the process….

“It really didn’t hurt…just a bit scratchy…honestly!

“The technique is called ‘Powder Brows'”, Ruth added, before explaining in the video that her natural brows were “quite fine and quite pale”. 

She then warned Naomi she didn’t want “big black slug eyebrows”, as the practitioner replied that she would go for the “soft and natural” look. 

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