Robert Jobson: Duchess Meghan is ‘totally disingenuous,’ ‘she had a plan’

Robert Jobson: Duchess Meghan is ‘totally disingenuous,’ ‘she had a plan’


There are so many good parts to Prince Harry’s video with James Corden, and millions of people have now watched a lovely ginger prince climb a rope like it was nothing, curse when a tea cart fell on him, and chat about wife, child, waffle makers, crocodiles and Zooming with his grandfather. As we’ve known this whole time, Harry wanted out of the UK. Harry was DONE. In episode #63 of the Gossip with Celebitchy podcast, I theorized that there were moments where Meghan thought she probably could have found a way to make the situation work, but Harry was the one who was done with all of it. Harry said as much to James Corden: “We all know what the British press can be like and it was destroying my mental health. I was like, ‘This is toxic.’ So I did what any husband and any father would do. I was like, ‘I need to get my family out of here.’” It was that simple. But of course it will never be that simple to the toxic press. Some of those old men still think it’s all about Meghan:

Prince Harry is ‘barely recognisable’ while Meghan Markle is ‘totally disingenuous’ and ‘always planned to leave the Royals’, a royal biographer has claimed. Speaking exclusively to The Royal Beat, available on True Royalty TV, royal expert Robert Jobson who knew the late Princess’ ‘well’ alleged the Duchess of Sussex, 39, had always planned to leave the Royal Family.

Jobson said it was “ironic” how the Duchess won a privacy claim days before announcing she and Prince Harry were going on Oprah Winfrey’s show to “talk about about their private lives”. He said that maybe if Mr Justice Warby had known that prior to the ruling over excerpts of a personal letter being published, he would have “looked at it in a different way”.

“They have made a bit of a fool of him I think,” he said.

Mr Jobson, speaking on True Royalty TV’s weekly The Royal Beat programme earlier today, said Harry is “now barely recognisable”, adding: “I think she [Meghan] is totally disingenuous…I think she had a plan from the outset that she wasn’t going to stick with it [The Royal Family] and it didn’t take long, before all that thanking the royal family,’ he commented. ‘The royal family would have done their best to have helped her and they would have tried.’

Elsewhere, former Buckingham Palace Press Officer Dickie Arbiter called the Sussexes’ statement on their future ‘petulant, rude and immature’.

‘They are not going to rubbish the Royal Family, because it is not in their interest,’ Dickie Arbiter said. ‘So they will talk about the ‘suits’, how the officials didn’t back them up. They will certainly talk about what they are aiming to achieve; they will talk about family life, babies, and motherhood. They will talk about the British media because that sticks in the craw as far as they are concerned.’

Jobson added: ‘The rudeness of the statement they issued after they left! Frankly, they have been given a lot of slack, but they were damn right rude to The Queen and the Royal Family.’

When discussing the surprise move to film an interview with Oprah Winfrey after requesting a more private life, Jobson also accused the couple of ‘monetising the Royal Family all the time.’

‘Let’s be clear, the reason they are doing Oprah is to boost their brand and get as much attention as possible because that is the power of the buck,’ he claimed. ‘The reason they are talking about their private life is because they need to make sure their brand is high and highly visible in America.’

Also speaking on the programme, Dickie Arbiter’s daughter, royal commentator Victoria Arbiter added: ‘This is Meghan and Harry trying to win over and woo Americans.’

[From The Daily Mail]

First of all, “trying to win over and woo Americans” LMAO. Like we weren’t already proud of our American princess. Meghan had already won us over! And as soon as anyone (anywhere) sees or hears from Harry without the filter of the toxic press, they immediately find him charming and charismatic. Over here in America, we loved Harry’s mum and we see him as a chip off the old block in the best possible way.

As for Robert Jobson’s downright INSISTENCE that this was all plotted out by Meghan, that she had some kind of master plan, a plan which obviously would have seen her subjected to one of the most racist and most vile smear campaigns I’ve ever seen… well, he’s still stuck with his sad little talking points. Even when Harry continues to say that it was his call, he wanted to protect his wife and child and himself from the toxicity and abuse, these people are still stuck on the idea that Meghan has been pulling the strings. Now… all that being said, we do know that Meghan is a planner. She plans, she’s organized, she has a label maker (of justice) and she thinks things through. But it’s asinine to say that Meghan planned any part of this current situation. Her actual plan – her Plan A – was to be a princess who worked hard without facing a vile, racist hate campaign.

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