Queen Elizabeth canceled her Thursday visit to the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Queen Elizabeth canceled her Thursday visit to the Royal Windsor Horse Show


Thursday was the start of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, one of the most important events for Queen Elizabeth and most of the people in her family. I honestly don’t know what exactly goes on at the Royal Windsor Horse Show other than “prancing horses” and “horse drama” and “maybe some races?” The Queen attended last year’s show and she had a jolly horsey time. That was the happiest she looked in years. There is no doubt in my mind that the Queen would rather spend an hour with her horses than four days celebrating her Jubbly. As it turns out, she couldn’t even do that. She was supposed to briefly put in an appearance on Thursday but she cancelled at the very last minute, opting to visit her horses for twenty minutes privately. Hm.

The Queen opted to visit her horses privately on Thursday rather than attend the first day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. The monarch spent 20 minutes with her horses away from the public gaze after apparently pulling out of what would have been a high profile visit to the show at the eleventh hour.

She had been expected to make the short drive from Windsor Castle to the showground to watch her horse, First Receiver, compete in a thoroughbred series qualifier. The area was cleared, her police protection officers were in attendance and the media corralled into position. But at the last moment, word came from the castle that Her Majesty would not be coming after all. It was thought there may have been concerns over the number of photographers present, given her ongoing problems with mobility. Instead, the Queen popped out to her stables at the Royal Mews in Windsor around 90 minutes later.

The Windsor Horse Show is thought to be one of the Queen’s favourite events of the year. She is believed to have attended every year since it began as a wartime fundraising event in 1943. The live show was cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and went online instead. Last year, she flew back from Scotland to attend the second day of the equestrian show, where she drove herself to the arena in a Range Rover and was pictured beaming as she soaked up the atmosphere.

It is hoped that the Queen will attend the grand finale on Sunday evening, a Platinum Jubilee celebration that could see 10 of her great-grandchildren riding together in a carriage. The two-hour show, called A Gallop Through History, hails the monarch “the heartbeat of the nation”. The energetic romp through 500 years, starting with the Spanish Armada, features gun salutes, steel bands, Bollywood dancing, huskies and around 500 horses.

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I honestly think the Weekend at Bernie’s jokes are macabre, but also… this is so f–king weird. Clearly, everyone believed that the Queen would make a brief appearance. Things were cleared and moved, the photographers were in position, her aides had organized everything… and then she’s a no-show again. And again, I wonder if this is simply about her refusal to be photographed in a wheelchair. Surely at some point, the Queen’s ableist aides will understand that it looks so much worse for the Queen to pull out of sh-t at the last minute rather than “be photographed in a bejeweled wheelchair”? Will she show up on Sunday? Doubtful.

Update: the Queen was driven to the horse show today and she stayed in the car, watching the horses. That’s their solution for the Queen’s mobility issues. They’re just keeping her seated in the car.

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Some photos of QEII at last year’s Royal Windsor Horse Show. She was so happy.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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