Princess Kate is calling the shots now that shes been elevated to queen-in-waiting

Princess Kate is calling the shots now that shes been elevated to queen-in-waiting


The Princess of Wales has been without a private secretary for nine months, by my count. She briefly hired Alison Corfield, only Corfield took one look at Kate’s Meghan look-book and busywork operation and got the f–k out of there. My point? Kate is understaffed, but she’s actually too lazy to realize it. The POW title is the second most important position in the monarchy, it comes with a huge responsibility and huge shoes to fill. Instead of hiring a team of competent professionals to help her finally achieve keenness, Kate has just wandered around doing vague, treading-water Early Years busywork and taking month-long vacations. The coronation hasn’t changed that – if anything, Kate is even more resolved to simply do nothing but preen her way through life, flapping her jazz hands and getting her hair done. Still, I do enjoy the fact that Camilla Tominey is trying to tell us not to believe what we’ve seen with our own eyes for years:

Kate’s important role: The Coronation of King Charles III appears to have strengthened Kate’s role within “The Firm” in ways many would never have imagined. For years the mother-of-three, 41, was treated by the palace powers-that-be as Prince William’s “plus one” – a royal WAG (wife and girlfriend), largely to be seen but not heard. The Accession, however, appears to have changed all that. Now elevated to a Queen-in-waiting, it seems the Princess of Wales is calling the shots and finally being listened to.

Kate’s family got invitations & Charles’s people didn’t: Take the prominent placement of her parents Michael and Carole Middleton, her sister Pippa and brother James in Westminster Abbey on Saturday. The slimmed-down guest list meant many of the King’s closest friends missed out on a coveted invitation, including Lady Pamela Hicks, who is one of only two surviving bridesmaids from the late Queen and Prince Philip’s wedding in 1947. There was only room for two members of the King’s maternal grandmother’s family, Sir Simon and Lady Caroline Bowes Lyon and only one representative of the Mountbatten clan, Countess Mountbatten.

Kate asked for extra invitations: The Daily Telegraph understands that Kate requested extra invitations for members of her team – and was given them, despite the pressure on numbers. That never used to happen, apparently.

A positive influence on William: Another reason why the Princess of Wales is being taken more seriously is because of the positive influence she has on Prince William. Both he and the King have short tempers, and just as the Queen helps to sooth and calm her husband – think Fountainpengate – Kate has a similar effect on the heir to the throne, 40.

Kate’s reaction to Meghan: Citing the example of the Oprah Winfrey interview, when the Duchess of Sussex alleged that a member of the Royal family had speculated about the colour of her unborn son’s skin, an insider revealed: “The way the princess handled it all was really quite impressive. Meghan had also thrown her under a bus over the bridesmaids dress row but her attitude was very much, ‘I think that’s the least of our worries’. She can keep a cool head when all about her are losing theirs.”

Sanguine reaction to Spare: She is thought to have had a similarly sanguine reaction to Spare, in which her brother-in-law suggested she had encouraged him to dress as a Nazi to a fancy dress party, been “reluctant” to lend Meghan her lipgloss and balked at the idea of discussing her pregnancy hormones. “Of course she’ll know what’s been said but she won’t have read any of the coverage,” added the source. “She tries to stay well away from all that stuff.”

[From The Telegraph]

LMAO “She tries to stay well away from all that stuff”– William and Kate were in the trenches for months over the Oprah interview AND Spare. Kate was still trying to convince people that Meghan made HER cry. They were being explicitly reactive to every revelation and they were openly paying very close attention to what Harry and Meghan said. Not only that, we have seen time and time again that Kate pays obsessive attention to what Meghan is doing and saying, even when Meghan isn’t even talking about the Windsors. Kate copies Meghan’s style, obviously, but Kate also copies sh-t like “the Archetypes font and color scheme.” It’s genuinely insane how much time and energy Kate has put into stalking and copying Meghan.

Still, I find it interesting that Tominey and others have pointed out that the Middletons were in attendance and some important people in Charles’s life were not. Not that I want to defend Carole and Mike Middleton, but it’s not their fault that Charles didn’t invite Pamela Hicks, the daughter of his mentor. Charles made the decision all on his own to marginalize the aristocracy and people close to his mother, father and Lord Mounbatten.

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