Prince William & Kate will attend this years Royal Variety fundraiser show

Prince William & Kate will attend this years Royal Variety fundraiser show


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been “the royals” at the annual Royal Variety performance three previous times. This year will mark their fourth outing at the fundraiser for elderly entertainers. It’s still incredibly curious to me that there’s been no after-action keen embiggening on Will and Kate following their appearances at COP26, and I guess we can assume that the Royal Variety will be the next time we see their performance of Over It and Jazz Hands. The Royal Variety is scheduled for November 18th.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will take in the Royal Variety Performance this year. In a statement to ET Canada, Kensington Palace confirmed that the royal couple will attend the 2021 show, writing, “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend the Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall, London on Thursday 18th November.”

It is tradition for members of the Royal Family to attend the show at Royal Albert Hall in London. The Royal Albert Hall’s official website says: “This year’s performance is set to be one of the Royal Variety’s most memorable and enjoyable shows in its long history. As usual, ITV will film the theatrical production for television broadcast in the UK in December and then around the world over the Christmas and New Year festive holidays.”

This year’s celebration marks “exactly one hundred years of patronage from the reigning monarch, beginning with King George V in 1921,” according to the historic venue.

[From ET Canada]

While the Royal Variety event sounds like a really fun night to me, the royal family treats it like it’s a huge drag and that they have to force one or two members of the family to attend every year. Will and Kate are supposed to be this young, glamorous couple, it was always a surprise to me that they didn’t carve this out as one of their go-to events every year. But now that they’re trying to fill their schedules before the end of the year, I guess they’re “keen.”

Here are photos from the last time W&K attended the Royal Variety event in 2019. Remember this fug doily dress? The papers made a big deal about how William briefly put his hand on Kate’s back too. Wonder if we’ll get a repeat of that.

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