President Trump Plans for Rally in Florida Saturday Despite COVID Diagnosis

President Trump Plans for Rally in Florida Saturday Despite COVID Diagnosis


President Trump says he feels “so good” and doesn’t think he’s got much of the coronavirus left in his system, so — despite the absence of a negative test — he’s planning a rally Saturday night.

The Prez joined his buddy, Sean Hannity, Thursday night to discuss his condition and his aspirations … to hold a rally in Florida … barely a week after he tested positive for COVID-19, and then another in Pennsylvania Sunday.

Trump continues to suggest he’s recovered from the virus thanks to all the great care he’s received from his doctors, while seemingly ignoring health experts precautions and quarantining recommendations following COVID diagnosis. He’s been in the Oval Office this week, despite most doctors saying a COVID-positive patient should be in self-isolation for at least 10 days, and given Trump’s age and struggle with the virus … as many as 20 days.

Trump didn’t sound like he was cured when he was on Hannity’s show Thursday night … he was coughing during the interview. And, BTW, the high-dose of powerful steroids he received has all but certainly masked underlying symptoms.

And, there’s this … Trump’s own doctors have been sketchy when it comes to revealing his condition — they won’t even say when he last tested negative — so Trump has decided to be evaluated on TV Friday night by a Fox News contributor — Dr. Marc Siegel — who will conduct his own medical evaluation.


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